Learning through experience

Improve skills and performance

Everest Manager helps develop the skills
to climb any mountain. And have fun doing it.

How we help talents, teams and organizations

The principals at Everest Manager specialize in designing training programs that improve organizational performance.

We create apps and games that are easy, challenging and fun to use.

Our showcase app, Climbing Everest: Team Skills for Managers, improves planning and team skills.

The goal: manage a team of climbers as they try to reach the top of Mount Everest.
The challenge: find the special talents of each team member and build enough team synergy to make it all happen.

With Climbing Everest you will:

  • learn in a fun way
  • feel involved, challenged and engaged
  • get feedback with every move
  • be able to improve your performance

Download Climbing Everest at the App Store.

"I could not stop playing this game because the challenges are so real..."

− Gerard Scheffrahn, ATOsborne

"Strong resemblance with real projects…"

− Amir A Attari, IBM

Five benefits when you work us

Engage people

An app is a good way to get everyone involved in a project.
It encourages employees to improve their skills on their own.
This increases enthusiasm and makes it fun to be at work.

Improve skills 
and performance

Games can improve skills and performance. Employees benefit
from immediate feedback. They improve their performance,
which means you benefit too.

Address challenges in a fun way

The Everest Manager principals specialize in designing effective training programs.
They can design apps to address your specific training challenges
and do so in a fun way.

Stimulate thought

Use a game to start a serious discussion about an actual planning project.
Or to introduce a training program or social media campaign.

Keep costs down

An app costs a fraction of a lecture or training session. It can be
easily distributed to employees all over the world.
This saves travel and conferencing time.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to motivate people and keep your training costs down?